Credit Card

A credit card is an electronic plastic card issued by lending institution like banks to cardholders that enable them to borrow money to buy things at the point of sale. Cardholders have to pay back the money, plus interest, as well as agreed upon charges, if any. From paying utility bills, shopping, to buying home appliances and more, credit cards help you meet your expenses easily.

Credit Card Features & Benefits

ATM Cash Withdrawal without interest

What’s better than making cash withdrawal from ATMS across India reasonably priced? Some credit cards allow you make no interest withdrawals for up to certain days. This will help you to meet your immediate cash requirements.

Easy EMI conversion

Credit cards enable you to transform high end purchases into affordable EMIs.

Instant Approval

Eprimeloans offers credit card with instant approval. If you meet basic credit card eligibility criteria and have a few basic documents, you are good to go.

Rewards & Benefits

Credit cards that Eprimeloans brings to you carry attractive reward points based on your spending, card type and welcome bonus. You can redeem points to make down payment. Also, rewards points can be used to avail fuel surcharge wavier, avail discounts, movie tickets or gift or food vouchers and more.

Pay with points

Credit cards enable you to make down payments using the accumulated reward points.

Cash back facility

Some credit cards allow you to get certain percent of cash back on making down payment.

Lifestyle Benefits

Credit Cardholders have the privilege of enjoying various lifestyle benefits that the credit cards offer. These benefits include dining, shopping, entertainment, wellness etc.

Travel Benefits

Traveling is one of the prime reasons for credit cards being widely popular among people. Some credit cards offered by Public / Pvt. Sector banks provide exceptional travel benefits to their customers. Travel related credit card benefits include airport lounge access, travel insurance, air miles, special airline offers, best hotel offers, etc.

Welcome Gift

When you avail for a credit card you become eligible for a welcome goft. Yes, many banks provide welcome gift to new credit card applicants at the time of issuing credit card to them. Welcome gift varies in the form of discounts, bonus points, gift vouchers, etc. Your welcome gift differs depending on the bank and chosen card.

Exclusive Privileges from Visa/ MasterCard/ American Express

As you all must be aware of the names Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Yes, these are three popular and widely recognized credit card variants. You must know that depending on these credit card variants, you can enjoy exclusive perks like lifestyle, travel, etc. that are offered exclusively from MasterCard/Visa/American Express.

Stringent security

Credit cards offer protection from cybercrime threats as they come with zero fraud liability and in hand security.

Add-on Cards

As you all must be aware of the names Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Yes, these are three popular and widely recognized credit card variants. You must know that depending on these credit card variants, you can enjoy exclusive perks like lifestyle, travel, etc. that are offered exclusively from MasterCard/Visa/American Express.

Credit Card Features & Benefits

  • Credit cards offer brilliant funding source to manage your short term financial crunch when your salary or income gets finishes.
  • One of the amazing benefits of credit cards is that they offer interest-free credit. This means you are supposed to pay interest on a credit card only when you are unable to repay due amount on time.
  • It is easiest way to use money. It acts as ready cash for unforeseen o random expenses.
  • Other miscellaneous perks that come along with credit card include discounts, reward points, air mile, cash-back offers and lot more.

Benefits of Applying For Credit Card on Eprimeloans

Eprimeloans offers its customers end-to-end application process. This means you will be given opportunity to compare and find your credit card from pool of credit cards offered by various banks. We will help you compare and apply for the best suitable credit card in matter of a few clicks.

Here’s the quick overview on the perks you get when you apply for a credit card online through Eprimeloans

  • Full-fledged comparison tool: Before you apply for a credit card online, make sure you have compared different credit cards to find the perfect one for you. But it’s tiring and time taking process to do comparison due to which many people avoid and end up getting a wrong card. At Eprimeloans, we provide you the platform where you can compare credit cards provided by different banks. This will help you to make rational decision and to get the best available credit card in India.
  • We ease the application process: Eprimeloans offers end-to-end paperless application process which is online and restricted to a few simple steps. With us by your side, you don’t need to visit countless bank branches nor have to meet any bank representative to apply for a credit card. You simply have to visit our website, compare credit cards we have in store for you, choose one and apply for the one which is best suited to your needs from the comfort of home.
  • 24x7 Support: Eprimeloans customer support is unmatched. Our highly proficient customer care executives render 24x7 support to all its customers and take queries round the year.

Credit Card Eligibility

No sure which credit card is suitable for you or even if you are eligible for availing a credit card? Check out with the help of Eprimeloans Credit card eligibility general parameters. Note: Credit card eligibility criteria differ depending on the issuing bank and the kind of credit card you have chosen.

Here are the eligibility criteria norms:

  • Nationality: Firstly you should have Indian citizenship or a non-resident Indian (some banks extend credit cards to NRIs).
  • Age: Your age must not be below 18 years to avail credit card. In some cases, some banks also provide credit card facility to people of the minimum 21 years age.
  • Employment status: Your employment status needs to be either salaried or self-employed and most importantly you must have a steady source of income.
  • Income: Certain banks have rigid minimum income requirement criteria. This means you have to meet their minimum income requirement then only they will approve your credit card application.
  • Credit score: Your credit score must be above 720 to become eligible for credit card. Good CIBIL history along with no defaulter history goes a long way in ensuring your credit card application is approved.

Different Categories of Credit Cards

Cash back credit cards

Cash back credit cards provide cash back to customers on their transactions; cash back varies from 5-20% depending on your spending category. You can earn cash back on retail purchases, bill payments, dining bills, movie ticket bookings, grocery purchases, etc. Every Cash back credit card comes with key features like annual fee reversals, dining and shopping privileges, balance transfers, reward programs, etc.

Travel Credit cards

Travel credit cards come flooded with unlimited travel benefits. You get travel benefits not only in India but abroad too. Many banks tie up with travel or airline companies to provide travel benefits to travel credit card holders. You earn air miles when you use this card for making travel transactions. Apart from this, travel credit card holders also get access to airport lounges. With this card, you can transform reward points to air miles. Reward points can be used to book airlines tickets and upgrade seats. Travel credit card holders also get travel insurance and hotel and holiday offers quite often.

Fuel Credit cards

Fuel credit cards enable customers save money on refueling by offering them with cash back offers and certain amount of fuel surcharge waivers. Some credit cards also offer provisions for accelerated reward points on fuel transactions at specific petrol pumps.

Reward Credit Cards

Reward credit cards are best known for offering multiple rewards on each card transactions you make. You get to earn reward points on all your online, retail etc. card transactions. Reward points come in form of renewal bonus, birthday gift, welcome gift etc. Some reward credit cards give you the benefit of earning reward points when you spend certain amount of money in specific time period. You can redeem these reward points for specific products or services mentioned in rewards catalogue.

Dining Credit Cards

If you are fond of dining out, then dining credit cards are meant for you. Dining credit cards offer exclusive dining deals including offers and freebies on wide range of partner restaurants and food outlets located in your country and abroad as well. When you have dining credit card with you, you get to enjoy huge discounts and deals on you favorite restaurants.

Documents Required to Apply for Credit Cards

  • You need to provide 4 Passport size photographs.
  • Your Identity Proof – It can be from Passport, PAN Card, Adhar Card, Voter's ID Card, Driving License or Ration Card.
  • Address/ Residential Proof – It can be anything from your Adhar Card, Passport, Telephone Bill, Rent Agreement, Electricity bill and Ration card
  • Credit card applicant should also have PAN Card, Income Tax Returns Statement and Form 16.
  • Last 3 months salary slips/ latest bank statement showing the salary credit for a minimum of 3 month

Credit Card Apply Online

By now you have clearly understood the significance and unmatched benefits and offers credit cards carry. It’s perfect time to apply for the credit card online. At Eprimeloans, you can apply for credit card online as we provide the best credit card in India, after carefully evaluating your income and expenses.

Apply via Eprimeloans Chat

To make credit card availing process easy and hassle free for our customers, we are providing chat option to apply. It only takes few questions to be answered. As soon as you provide answer, you would be assigned an executive who will guide you in selecting best credit card in India for you.

FAQ's on Credit Card

If you have a credit score in between 300 and 650, then your credit score is considered as a bad credit score by banks. Banks with this credit score don’t grant loans and credit cards to their customers. However, if your credit score is between 550 and 650, then it will be considered as poor credit. In such situations, if banks consider you as a responsible borrower, you may get qualified for an unsecured credit card.

There’s no best and easy way of applying for a credit card then applying on Eprimeloans platform. At Eprimeloans you can easily compare the features, benefits, types of credit cards and then choose a credit card that best matches your needs. We have partnered with all major lending institutions so you can choose from diverse available credit card issuers. Also, our highly skilled and experienced executives will help you find the best suitable credit card for you. Alternately, you can also visit our website to apply for a card.

If you have a good credit history, you can verify your eligibility for credit card and then choose a credit card that matches your needs and apply for it on Eprimeloans. In case you do not have a credit history , you have a option for availing a secure credit card usually provided against fixed deposits.

If you are paying the interest on the stipulated time period, in that case you don’t have to pay any interest, even so, if you're not repaying the outstanding amount within 45 days, in that case you are liable to pay interest on the outstanding amount in addition you have to pay interest on all the new transaction as well till the time you don’t clear your outstanding amount.

One can have several credit cards depending on their financial capability and their spending manner, though it’s important that you use your credit card properly and pay the due amount on time so that it doesn’t impact your credit score.

Normally a bank takes a time period of 15-18 days for credit card disbursement, but it can take more time depending on the customer profile, documents availability and the time taken in verification process etc.

If a customer is not able to pay the total outstanding amount in that case the bank has given an option of paying a minimum amount to avoid late payment fees. Minimum due amount is basically 5 % of the total outstanding amount on the credit card.

All the credit card doesn’t come up with the fraud liability protection cover, but there are several credit cards in the market that provide such services. Generally a card provide cover on the transactions when you lost your card or the card is stolen, but you need to inform the credit card company immediately after the loss/stolen of the card.

Your credit score will get affected or not depends on numerous factors like the number of days late, the number of instances and the amount that is due. After carefully evaluating these factors, your credit card issuer will decide whether or not to report the same to respective credit agencies. But if by chance reported, it will certainly pose huge impact on your credit score.