When you register yourself with us i.e. Eprimeloans , it indicates that you are enabling us and our partner Banks/NBFCs/DSAs along with advertisers to establish contact with you over a call/via SMS or e-mail to provide their services, product knowledge, promotional offers and exclusive offers provided by the associated third parties; regardless of the fact that you are registered under DND or DNC service. This clearly states that you are allowing us to give call/SMS/e-mail from eprimeloans.com & partner Banks/NBFCs and advertisers for aforementioned purpose till last login with us or at max 180 days of your registration, in spite of you having opted for DND or DNC.

Eprimeloans.com is the platform that helps connect prospective borrower with the lender and doesn’t provide loans on our own. We make sure your information is sent to the bank for which the product or service you have opted for. We provide general information regarding financial products and do not deem to offer financial advice or recommendation to buy product any specific product or service. We are of belief that your purchase of any product is entirely your decision and we are just a medium to offer you product or service via Eprimeloans.

This Privacy Policy strictly covers Eprimeloans.com’s personally identifiable information which is gathered by Eprimeloans website. This privacy policy doesn’t apply to companies that are not owned or controlled by us or does not apply to the resources or people that are not employed or managed by us.

Eprimeloans gathers personally identifiable information every time you register for an Eprimeloans account, or when you decide to use few Eprimeloans.com products or services, or when you visit Eprimeloans.com pages, as well as when you submit promotions. Eprimeloans.com only receives personally identifiable information from our close knitted business partners. We seek basic information in case you wish to register with Eprimeloans, you are required to fill your first name, last name, zip/postal code, country, state, time zone, city, email, birth date, and gender. The moment you get yourself register with us and sign in to Eprimeloans services, you become our delighted customer. At the time of registration process, we will ask you to register your phone and email id, or other device so that you can timely receive notifications,text messages, and other services to wireless device. When you register yourself with Eprimeloans, you authorize us to send message/email alerts to you. Also, in case you are tired of receiving SMS and email alerts, you can anytime write or call to us.

Please note that any bank or leading financial institution is entitled to register with Eprimeloans. It is entirely your call to satisfy yourself about the authenticity of services before abiding by the terms of services. Eprimeloans doesn’t observe whether the advertisers are reputable in industry, genuine, if lenders are quality sellers of goods and service providers etc. We do not discuss or negotiate the terms of engagement with any of our advertisers. Remember that buying of goods or availing any form of services from advertisers shall be at your own risk.

Eprimeloans do not represent, inspect or endorse the accuracy, legitimacy, validity of the lenders, or service providers that advertise with Eprimeloans.

References made by Eprimeloans on names, products, marks, or services of third parties or hypertext links shown by us to refer third party sites or information do not imply our recommendation to third party, endorsement, sponsorship or advocacy towards the quality of any product or service. We don’t hold responsible for giving any advice or information that may persuade you to purchase any product.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Eprimeloans.com  assures that it will not sell your personal information to anyone unless agreed upon by you or specifically noted herein. Despite the preceding, Eprimeloans.com may circulate or sell your personal information to any successor or affiliate leading to sale of business belonging to Eprimeloans.com as well as consolidation of Eprimeloans with other company based on the fact that Eprimeloans is not the surviving company. By the term “affiliate” we mean any person who directly as well as indirectly controls or is controlled by Eprimeloans. The term “control” used here is associated with any person, possession of the power who exercises voting rights, contractual rights to direct the policies of the person. The term “person” as mentioned in Privacy Policy involves person, corporation, trust, limited liability, or any other entity.

Exclusions of Liability

We ensure that whatever data, material and information we disclose on our website of Eprimeloans.com is accurate. If there is any erroneous information or omissions notified to us, we will ensure to correct them as early as possible. However, we are not responsible if the data, material and information disclosed on our websites is inaccurate. Eprimeloans do not verify, endorse data, information and material offered by third parties that is disclosed on our website and there are chances that the information could be incomplete, inaccurate, obsolete or outdate.

Eprimeloans do not endorse, advocate, cross check, verify, or monitor the quotes, and information gathered from service providers as shown to you on our website. We do not hold our self responsible for authenticity of any material, data or information that is presented by third party on our Website.

Eprimeloans is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur to you from your inability to reach out to our website, from usage of our website or from excessive dependence on the data transferred by visiting our website. Whatever damages or losses borne by you are entirely yours. They are out of our control. Your loss could be the result of incomplete or wrong transmission of data over the internet. We are not at fault if you bear any loss due to any incomplete or wrongful information (if by chance) disclosed on our website.

Advertisements on Eprimeloans.com

We must clarify a simple fact that whatever amount of advertisements you see on our website is delivered entirely by third party on our behalf. It is stated clearly that 3rd parties are independent parties and they function on their own. We do not have any control over their functioning. Our work is only to provide a fair comparison of service and enable advertisers to advertise their offering on our website. We deny any responsibility and liability for advertisers conduct using our site to advertise 3rd party advertiser services. We do not hold any responsibility for any services advertised on our site. It is entirely users responsibility to carry out deep check and proper screening before availing any of their services and remain assured of their truthfulness and have complete contact details of the advertiser it not only includes just their mobile number but reputation of the service provider in the market. If there’s any doubt about their authenticity, keep yourself away from engaging in their services. Our website disowns any faults or wrong claims made by advertisements. Furthermore, we would like to mention that no advertiser is associated with this site and we keep our self away from being called as an agent for any of the advertiser. If there is any dispute that may occur between parties, then you will be held responsible for handling and resolving it independently.

Remember that our website will not mediate to resolve any dispute arising between parties. Customer obligations that enable them to avail our services and register with Eprimeloans warrant that you have carefully taken all logical precautions to ensure that all the data which you have submitted is true and accurate.

Privacy Policy Changes at Eprimeloans reserves all the right to amend this policy at anytime we wish. But we ensure that if we make any substantial changes in the way we use your personal information, we won’t forget to notify you by updating relevant changes here on our Privacy Policy page.